interactive voting system for companies quizzbox

Audience Response System - Business

Managers, sales professionals, trainers, QuizzBox is designed for you!
Our corporate voting keypads, which are straightforward and easy to use, make your meetings, your training sessions and your seminars lively and effective.
Making events more interactive encourages audiences to join in debates and improves understanding by getting everyone involved.

QuizzBox Business

Student clickers solutions for Higher Education

QuizzBox Campus is a tool geared to the needs of teaching and training evaluation.
Several hundred voting keypads can be connected to QuizzBox Campus thus enabling instant roll calls to be taken in classrooms and lecture theatres.
The interactive voting system makes for livelier exchanges and greater interaction between students and teacher.

QuizzBox Campus

interactive voting system for universities quizzbox

interactive voting system for schools quizzbox

Response system for classrooms

QuizzBox brings excitement and fun to your lessons.
With its automatic test correction feature and instant results display, it becomes a real evaluation tool.
Our school response system encourages even your shiest students to take an active part in your lessons.

QuizzBox Education