Student Response System for University - Highschool
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   Audience response system for higher education

QuizzBox Campus is the easiest audience response system

QuizzBox solution is pitched at university and higher education
Get student feedback in real time, assist teaching evaluation, provide informatisation tool for teaching assessment and improvement.
Our QuizzBox Campus system enables several hundred pads to be connected simultaneously for use during lectures
If you want to :

  • Motivate and involve your students,
  • Foster lively and interactive learning,
  • Get your students to participate and help them retain what they have learned,
  • Conduct evaluations and publish the results instantaneously.
benutzerfreundlichen QuizzBox-System

QuizzBox Campus is the software solution which used with its associated voting devices allows you to create questionnaires in PowerPoint to which students respond with electronic voting keypads, the results being displayed.
Allowing Students to know the level of understanding they have gained during your academic course.

In a few seconds, you can :

  • Assign the wireless keypads to students with the "StartCall" feature,
  • Ask questions on the fly and display the results immediately,
  • Submit tests created in PowerPoint,
  • Make your lessons more lively by capturing your students attention and making them active contributers,
  • Add value to your lessons with greater interaction and more effective memorization,

When to use QuizzBox ARS Response technology ?

  • Before you start your lesson, to verify earlier learning points,
  • During your lesson, to add excitement and get students to contribute,
  • For tests, with instant results processing,
  • For revision, to improve students performance,
  • When students are making presentations to the group, to get everyone's attention.

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Quizzbox - Audience response system