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   Student Response System K-12 | Clickers for Education

How does QuizzBox makes an interactive learning for education ?

You create your multiple choice questionnaire directly in PowerPoint. In class, you hand out a remote voting device to each pupil and launch the questionnaire..
The childrens answer the questions, individually or working in teams. The answers are processed in real time and can also be reported directly in Excel.

QuizzBox response technology for K-12 students provides educators with the ability to actively deliver assessment and securely collect data.

Why the clickers of QuizzBox response system are a perfect solution for your classroom lessons ?

Let children to enjoy interactive classroom learning

Your students or pupils answer questions using a 10 key digital pad.
The QuizzBox carry bag contains your clickers.
Using the administrator keypad with RHF technology, you can stand anywhere in your classroom and display the presentation or run the test.

Easy to set up - Blends directly into PowerPoint

You can set up QuizzBox in your classroom with most commonly used multimedia devices such as TV set, video projector or interactive whiteboard..
Your new or existing PowerPoint file is directly incorporated into the QuizzBox system without the least modification. You can also add photos, video clips or sound recordings. During the lesson, you can create a battery of questions based on predefined PowerPoint templates.

Real-time evaluation

The interaction between you and your pupils allows you to see immediately whether any lesson topics have not been completely understood and to revisit difficult learning points on the fly.
You have at your disposal a complete reporting tool for comparing and analysing results individually or collectively.
You can hard print corrections and marks at any time.

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