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Audience voting system for business

You can launch a PowerPoint quiz at any time during your presentation. All the members of your audience respond individually using the QuizzBox voting keypads.

QuizzBox voting system allows to take the feelings of your audience in real time. This interactive solution enables you to emphasize a point, to come back to a topic that has not been fully understood or to move to a new topic.

After your presentation, questionnaire results can be displayed in Excel instantaneously. In this way you can, for instance, report collective or individual performance.

Audience response systems QuizzBox

QuizzBox ARS makes interaction with Powerpoint

According to different demands, individual target groups are gathered in the meetings and events, where the live audiences respond to the questions posed by the presenter in the meeting using the clickers on hand effectively and easily.

Your animations, videos and sound recordings can be blended in without the slightest modification...

For exemple, Voting keypads can be used in different areas :

  • Board of shareholders and directors
  • Human resources and team constructions
  • Expert reviews and projects tenders
  • Market meetings and campaigns
  • Elections in your assembly
  • Museums, exhibitions and other cultural events,
  • Sales meetings, Assessments, opinion polls and satisfaction surveys

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